Sherman County School Booster Club

Provide support and develop interest for all programs and activities for grades 7 thru 12 that promote excellence, sportsmanship, high school scholastic achievement, and the opportunity of higher education in the Sherman County School district.
SCS Booster Club is privileged to be a part of the Hall of Honor event each Fall.  SCS Booster Club provides the dinner for this event. This has become the Club’s biggest fundraiser.
Any parent or guardian of a participating SCS intra/extracurricular student is automatically a member of the Club.  Any person who is interested in the objectives of the SCS Booster Club and active in its affair is considered a member of the Club. No dues are required for membership.

Social media presence:

Instagram – Sherman Booster
Facebook – Sherman Booster Club

Officers for 2022-2023
President: Samantha R-Smith

Vice President: Liz Cranston
Secretary/Treasurer: Deanna Christiansen


Meeting Minutes

Apr. 2019   1st Quarter
July 2019   2nd Quarter
Oct. 2019   3rd Quarter
​​Dec. 2019   4th Quarter
August 16, 2022
September 19, 2022
August 13, 2023