Post-Secondary Planning

This page is dedicated to helping current and past graduates of Sherman County Schools locate and apply for scholarships, grants, and schools.

For questions or additional information please contact Mr. Tyler Kido (College and Career Coordinator) or call (541) 565-3500


Post-Secondary Planning Links

Testing Registration and Prep Tools

Financial Aid

Scholarship Links

2024 for High School Seniors
Charles E Davis Education Foundation Scholarship
Sherman County Scholarship Association Scholarship

Guidelines, Application, and Form W-9
(Fillable PDF)

Due April 15th @ 2pm PST

2024 for College Students
Charles E Davis Education Foundation Scholarship
Sherman County Scholarship Association Scholarship

Guidelines, Application, and Form W-9
(Fillable PDF)

Due April 15th @ pm PST

Outside Scholarships/Grants

Supermoney Finance Scholarship (Rolling Closing Dates)

Cameron Impact Scholarship (Due September 8th)

Dr. Pepper Tuition Scholarship (Due September 12th)

Beat the Odds Scholarship (Due September 13th)

Skanner Foundation Scholarship (Due October 8th)

NSHSS STEM Scholarship (Due October 13th)

ExtremeTerrain Scholarship (Due October 15th AND June 15th)

NSHSS Student Athlete Scholarship (Due October 27th)

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student (Due Nov.13th)

Beacon Rural Schools Scholarship (Due Nov. 30th)

Hagan Scholarship (Due Dec. 1st)

American College Foundation Scholarship (Due Dec. 1st)

Lamber Goodnow Scholarship (Dec. 1st)

Medical Scrubs Nursing Scholarship (Due Dec. 15th)

AVACare Medical Scholarship (Due Dec. 15th)

College is Power Scholarship (Due December 31st)

Greenberg and Ruby Scholarship (Due Dec. 31st)

Reach your Peak Scholarship (Due Dec. 31st)

NRA Defense Youth Scholarship (Due Dec. 31st)

Lyons Aviation Foundation Scholarship (Due Jan. 13th)

Coolidge Scholarship FOR HIGH SCHOOL JUNIORS ONLY (Due Jan. 18th)

D.A.R Scholarships (Due Jan. 31st)

FFA Scholarships (Due Jan. 31st)

Oregon Wheat Foundation Scholarship (Due Feb. 1st)

Al Forthan Memorial Scholarship (Due Feb 5th)

Foundation for Rural Service Scholarship (Due Feb 16th)

Ag West Scholarships (Due March 1st)

The Renaissance Foundation Scholarship (Due March 1st)

Oregon Farm Bureau Scholarships (Due March 1st)

Tall Clubs International Foundation Scholarship (Due March 1st)

Horatio Alger Multiple Scholarships (Due March 15th)

Maude and Alexander Hadden Scholarship (Due March 15th)

PNACAC Scholarship (due March 15th)

Oregon Athletic Coaches Association Scholarship (Due March 15th)

Oregon Community Foundation Scholarships (Due April 1st)

Fostering Diversity in Leadership Scholarship (Due April 1st)

Oregon State Sheriff's Association Scholarship (Due April 1st)

Oregon Small Schools Association Scholarship (Due April 5th)

Friends of the NRA Scholarship (Due April 13th)

OSAC Scholarships (Early-bird deadline Feb. 1st/Final deadline April 15th)

Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Scholarship (Due April 15th)

Oregon Jaycee Scholarship (Due April 19th)

Big Sky Scholar Athlete Scholarship (Due May 1st)

Point Pest Control Scholarship (Due April 29th)

Oregon Water Resources Foundation (Due April 30th)

OnPoint OSAA Scholarship (Due April 30th)

Oregon Women for Ag. (Columbia Gorge Chapter) Scholarship (Due May 1st)

Renaissance Scholars Program (Due May 1st)

Oregon Sports Hall of Fame and Museum Scholarship (Due June 16th)

Oregon Student Aid Grants (Due June 30th)

Johnson & Johnson Nursing Scholarships (Due Dates Vary)

Scholarship Websites

Below are vetted scholarship websites that help with finding the right scholarship for you!