If you want to sport some new Sherman FFA swag, then you can purchase jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, quarter zips or a backpack from https://stores.inksoft.com/WS80586/shop/home. FFA also has hats for sale for $25 that are on hand, just contact Mr. Swenson or an FFA member. Thank you for supporting Sherman FFA!
2 days ago, Sherman County School
FFA Swag
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing two 6th graders helping a kindergartner… & seeing day 2 of this project. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
2 days ago, Julia Fall
Reminder! Friday, January 27, is a teacher planning day - no school for students. We are excited to see everyone back on Monday for the start of the 2nd semester.
3 days ago, Sherman County School
The favorite part of my day was… Watching Craig, Brad and Garak do this. #takeAticket Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
3 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Hearing from my daughter how awesome school lunch was today. “The taco salad was amazing! It was in a wavy taco like bowl that was edible! “And the mango too! It was so good!” If you’ve experienced multiple schools or districts in your life you probably know this is not a very common report to come home from students. From the staff perspective I will add the daily salad bar is really very very good! Miss Terri & Miss Darcy take good care of us. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
5 days ago, Julia Fall
taco salad
The favorite part of my day was… My teammate Tionie. She had countless items on her plate today, way beyond too many to count, way more than any usual day & yet she was as stable & rock solid in her positive energizing attitude as any other day I’ve known her. Those are the kind of colleagues we all appreciate because they remind us that our attitude is 100% our choice, & attitudes are contagious. Hers is one worth catching. Simple as that. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
6 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Being in 1st grade…when Miss Farrens asked the class what countries they had been to…several answers were then capped off with “I’ve been to Fred Meyers!” Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
9 days ago, Julia Fall
1st grade
Please join us for an evening of school community engagement on February 2 at 6:15pm in the cafeteria. Dinner will be provided. See you there!
9 days ago, Sherman County School
Community Engagement Flyer
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing upper grade students present & share 4H information to our 4th, 5th, & 6th grade students in a short assembly this afternoon… And receiving a kind & thoughtful email from a teacher this evening. Never underestimate the power & impact of a few kind words. Reflecting on the first half of the year, through the inevitable peaks & valleys of any school year, I’m incredibly grateful to be here & serve in this community. We have a lot of good things going & I’m excited for all the progress that is to come that will lead to even more improved student outcomes. Continuously striving to improve. We have never arrived. We can always do better, and that is what inspires me. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
11 days ago, Julia Fall
MS Boys Basketball "B Team" practice has been canceled for today. Please contact the school if you have transportation changes for your student. Thank you!
11 days ago, Sherman County School
Thank you to students, staff, Sherman County Sheriff's Office and North Wasco County School District Transportation for a successful emergency response drill this morning. We appreciate your support of the Sherman County School safety plan.
11 days ago, Sherman County School
Bus Evacuation
The favorite part of my day was… Getting this text message from Coach Justesen about girls basketball B team winning their 1st game…B team has been outsized on their 3 games so far, so, to see this was so exciting for them!…Being excited and anxious with Miss Walters to see some important student assessment results…and sitting around a table after school with a family, our 4th grade teacher Mrs. Wambold, and one of our SPED teachers Miss Kerslake, formulating a plan of support for one of our students. Too many favorites today to pick just one. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
12 days ago, Julia Fall
b girls
Sherman County School continually strives to provide a safe learning environment for students and working environment for staff. It is necessary that we practice our emergency response plans by having drills designed to exercise our procedures. Tomorrow, January 18, we will participate in safety drills which include a practice lockdown drill and bus evacuations. If you have any questions regarding these drills, please contact the school. Thank you!
12 days ago, Sherman County School
Congratulations Sophie ~ 2023 All-State Band Musician
12 days ago, Sherman County School
All-state Band Plaque
The favorite part of my day was… Gathering after school for our all-staff safety training. I appreciate how connected & supportive our local services are. Having the expertise of the emergency services director, deputy, & undersheriff to present to our staff is wonderful, & so welcomed. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
16 days ago, Julia Fall
Reminder! There is no school on Monday, January 16, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Have a wonderful long weekend.
16 days ago, Sherman County School
The favorite part of my day was… Watching Wyatt do morning announcements with Mrs. King & 5th grade students being so excited & proud to show me their individual goals & progress in reading so far this year. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
17 days ago, Julia Fall
Wyatt 2
The favorite part of my day was… Being in classrooms doing observations in Mr. Dorzab’s English 12 class, Mr. Kido’s English 9 class, and Mr. Dearborn’s 7th grade science class. I started in education as a coach and deeply enjoy the process of continuous improvement. We’re never done. There’s always room for growth and I love that challenge. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
18 days ago, Julia Fall
Enjoy December's edition of the Husky Happenings!
18 days ago, Sherman County School
Husky Highlights
The favorite part of my day was… Having individual meetings with students and their teacher so we could share some 2nd semester changes and plans we have to better support them, and strengthen their skills in order to be more successful. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
19 days ago, Julia Fall
you got this