The favorite part of my day was… Seeing the level of student engagement in the 6th grade math class. With the 6th grade being one of our largest classes we are very fortunate to be able to provide the level of small group & individualized teaching & support that Mrs. Casper, Mrs. Gunderson, & Mrs. Peterson are able to provide. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
about 5 hours ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… The level of participation in our spirit week dress up day. “Anything but a backpack” and “tourist” day was hilarious to see. We had everything from a fishing net to mini grocery carts to pet carriers to feed bags. Quite a sight to see and a fun way to start homecoming week. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
1 day ago, Julia Fall
spirit week
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing our 7th-12th grade teachers reviewing current student data & collaborating to make plans to provide additional supports to the students who need it. This is what commitment to students looks like on a sunny Friday afternoon. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
4 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Having our first Thank You Thursday. We took a few minutes as an entire school to write a simple thank you note to anyone in the building. It’s very easy to get caught up in the day to day details and busyness. It’s important to also remember to express thanks to those around us who make our days better. All the blue thank you notes will be delivered tomorrow to staff and students. It was a great way to start the day. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
5 days ago, Julia Fall
thank you
The favorite part of my day was… Being invited into 4th grade during Geography to see Mrs. Wambold’s students learning about the continents as they created their own pumpkin globes, all the while singing along to a song about all the continents. Such a great example of Mrs. Wambold meeting the needs of students with several different learning styles. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
6 days ago, Julia Fall
4th grade
The favorite part of my day was… Having our first core review meeting with elementary. While these may not seem like the most glamorous and exciting parts of the school day, this is where some of the most important work happens. Reviewing reading data, student by student, grade by grade with teachers and our reading interventionist/RTI specialist to, to make actionable plans for how to support each and every student in their reading skills as they move through the elementary grades. THIS is what lays the foundation for a successful K-12 experience for students. Families, if you want to know how best to support your student at home, simply start by reading with them. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
7 days ago, Julia Fall
core review
Wednesday morning is our 1st Coffee & Conversation!
8 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Getting our “Norms on a stick” made by Tionie for all of our meetings…to be used as a humorous, light-hearted way to hold each other positively accountable to our agreed upon meeting norms. Being able to laugh and have a good time is so important in order to balance out the countless hours of hard work. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
8 days ago, Julia Fall
Husky Helping Hands is starting on Wednesday for 7-12th grade academic support. Students interested in attending will meet afterschool in room 12. Transportation will be available at 5:00.
9 days ago, Sherman County School
The favorite part of my day was… Having our first meetings with our newly formed PBIS and Leadership teams made up of representatives from across the school’s departments. Working together to improve student outcomes is some of the most impactful work that can be done, and the most rewarding. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
11 days ago, Julia Fall
leadership team
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing many of our extracurricular activities in action all in one afternoon. From Gaming Club in Mr. Dearborn’s classroom to the Chess Club running the concession stand during the home volleyball game, to our growing staff ensemble for the national anthem, to our home football game to cap off the night. I love how the school is the hub for the community with a variety of activities offered to students. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
12 days ago, Julia Fall
gaming club
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing the community’s commitment to our students’ education when I attended the monthly Education Foundation meeting at the extension office. Connecting with some long-standing Sherman county residents carried some extra meaning for me tonight. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
13 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing Mr. Owens serving breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria. The kids enjoyed getting their sandwich from the Superintendent. This is just one of many examples of staff pitching in and helping out so far this year. We have a great team. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
14 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… These olive fingers at the PTO/Booster meeting this evening. No further explanation needed :) Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
15 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Visiting the English 9 class & seeing Mr. Kido working one on one with a student to provide specific constructive feedback, pointing out the strengths & also challenging the student in ways they can take their writing to the next level. Student performance growth is possible with a clearly communicated objective & success criteria, followed by timely feedback. All of the above were evident & in action in my 10-minute visit to this classroom. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
18 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Seeing the preschool students out at recess. Talking with one and he asks me “what do you do?” I tell him I’m the principal and I ask him if he’s a student and he says, “no, I work on my black hot rod. I live in Rufus, Oregon.” He then went on to share his full name before turning around and riding his tricycle scooter back inside. Moments like that are impossible not to smile ear to ear. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
19 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Gathering with our staff for a staff/family potluck dinner at the Grass Valley park. Big shout out to this lady, Miss Tionie for organizing the meal and helping to bring us all together! Nice way to end another busy, successful day at school. Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
20 days ago, Julia Fall
Picture Day is tomorrow, Sept. 15!! Bring your picture packet (if you didn't order online) and your best smile. For online orders, go to and enter Picture Day ID - EVT93C6VD.
21 days ago, Sherman County School
The favorite part of my day was… Watching and listening to Mr. Gronberg and Mrs. Berry play the national anthem at our home volleyball game. It is very common and very easy for schools to play a recording of the anthem, but these two chose to go above and beyond their normal workdays and duties to play at our home volleyball games so far this season, and it’s just a bonus that they are both excellent musicians! Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
21 days ago, Julia Fall
The favorite part of my day was… Watching Ms. Nelson teach. She is our new 2nd grade teacher. She is an outstanding educator with a heart for all students, a perfect fit for Sherman County. We are fortunate to have her! Principal Fall #EveryKid.EveryDay.100%.
22 days ago, Julia Fall
Ms. Nelson